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Continuing the Job Search amidst COVID-19

Written by: Dela Akbar, Managing Director, Recruitment Services, LFA

Should I continue my job search given the current climate?

The job search can already be stressful in itself and now adding the additional pressures due to the current climate, many candidates are left wondering if it is worth it for them to continue pursuing their next career opportunity.   

I would highly advise to continue your search for the following reasons:

1.       Chances are you are already working from home as many companies have moved toward this arrangement this week. This means that you can easily take calls from recruiters, headhunters and talent acquisition without having to find a private space to have these conversations. Additionally, you will have more availability to take these calls.

2.       With reduced commute time and more flexibility this opens up your schedule to fix-up your resume and prepare your interview skills so you are ready to apply to jobs.

3.       Use this time to take online courses to advance your skill-set and give you a competitive advantage on your CV. This could be a podcast on upcoming IFRS changes, class on VBA/Macros and advancing your excel skills or even working on a language skill that could be an asset in this global economy. Additionally, for CPA’s this would be a great time to take online courses towards your CPD hours so that your CPA is in good standing.

4.       Most hiring managers are moving towards video meetings and still making hiring decisions in this climate because especially when it comes to Finance & Accounting this is an essential function for business operations. Hiring Managers have been more flexible on start dates and delaying this to a time that is better suited given the current climate. Keep in mind that this situation is temporary and what we can say for sure is that companies definitely don’t want to lose top talent especially in this candidate market.

5.       Given that hiring managers are also working from home and business travel is on halt; this makes it easier for all decision makers to interview candidates as they have more availability so this does not hold up the hiring process but rather speeds it up!

6.       First round interviews are often phone interviews so you can get to know a company and scope your search without an overcommitment on time.

7.       Leverage the additional personal time in your day to research the companies you want to specifically target for your search so you know exactly where you want to work for your next position.

8.       Remember that most job search processes for permanent positions take at least 4-8 weeks from the first interview step to a hiring decision being made and we will be in a much better place in this climate two months from now.

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