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Diversity and Inclusion

August 4th, 2020: Lannick’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee was formed. The goal of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee is to drive and foster positive organizational change by ensuring our hiring and recruiting practices are equitable; and to play a central role in awareness-raising, education and training on diversity and inclusion topics within our organization and the community we serve.


Lannick’s management team and overall employee base is comprised of more than 50% visible minorities, which is a true representation of the diversity across the Greater Toronto Area. Our professional recruitment and staffing processes consist of screening job applicants (candidates) solely based on the job requirements presented to us by our client companies, which typically include education, work/industry experience, skill-set, professional attributes and background checks; thus we never exclude candidates based on their gender, race or creed. 

Recent events have highlighted the importance for businesses to have a far greater focus to better support under-represented equity groups. As a result, we have engaged in a process to identify GTA-based community organizations that we can partner with to effectively identify candidates from these groups; as well as help us create training and development programs for our recruitment professionals on how to present under-represented equity groups with meaningful employment opportunities. This is a commitment made by the leadership of Lannick and we will be following through on this promise. 

Our parent company, Vaco, recently posted an important public announcement about the Black Lives Matter movement on social media (https://bit.ly/2DSaYW9) and declared its mission to implement sustainable transformation throughout the organization and directly impact the communities where its employees live and work around the globe.

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