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BlackLine Live – The Continuous Accounting Experience

Join Lannick and BlackLine to create a customized Continuous Accounting Blueprint for your organization. You’ll hear first-hand from industry leaders how the Continuous Accounting model has changed the way accounting works in their organization, and learn best practices to provide strategic value across your organization.

BlackLine Live Toronto

Event Information
Tuesday, March 27 / 3:00 – 6:30 PM
Up to 1.5 PD Credits
Admission is complimentary
Hockey Hall of Fame | TSN Theatre
30 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON

In today’s highly complex global business environment, there is mounting pressure to run leaner while becoming more effective than ever. For this reason, BlackLine’s vision for the future is a revolutionary concept we call Continuous Accounting. This approach helps strategic organizations navigate the ever-changing landscape by leveraging technology to embed automation, control, and period-end tasks within day-to-day activities.

The Blueprint for Continuous Accounting is a revolutionary new concept that is changing the way accounting and finance are performing, creating a paradigm shift across Modern Finance organizations. Designed for the forward-thinking, strategic accounting organizations, it combines a mix of technology, process, and people to realize continuous improvements and unleash Exceptional Accountants. BlackLine’s Continuous Accounting is modernizing the way enterprise accounting and finance teams work.

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