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Project Recruitment

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Lannick Project Recruitment (LPR) is an alternative service delivery model that enables companies to take control of their strategic talent acquisition needs for recurring or project hiring requirements. LPR uses Project Management methodology and senior recruitment resources to deliver your hiring requirements in a swift, transparent and cost-efficient manner. This gives you more control of your recruitment process and spend, ensuring that your talent acquisition infrastructure can support your organization’s hiring challenges both now and in the future.

At LPR, our specialized recruitment team can help you hire for:

  • Multiple vacancies or recurring needs for the same role
  • Simultaneous vacancies in various departments
  • Multiples vacancies in various regions
  • Opening a new location anywhere in Canada
  • Starting a new line of business and/or product launch
  • Vacancies limiting business growth

Why Engage a Project Recruitment Partner?

Significant Cost Savings

LPR works toward the goal of advancing your business, not just filling a role. We will present you with qualified, interested and available candidates; with no hiring limitations, you can hire as many or as few people as you like, in any role and at any salary. By using continuous talent pools and strategic recruitment practices, you can avoid large lags in productivity and not be subject to expensive single-hire payments. With project recruitment, your costs always remain the same.

Dedicated Resources

Your needs and roles will never slip in priority to a bigger client or an easier role, because there are no bigger clients or easier roles. Our solutions are built on time and materials, which means they are dedicated to you and designed for speed. This means more results for your hiring needs in a more timely manner.

Greater Accountability

All of our solutions are built and thrive on visibility – at no time will you wonder where in the recruitment process you stand, how many candidates are available, and when can you can expect more. By providing a higher level of visibility, LPR enables you to know where every dollar is spent and why.

a full-cycle solution

Take Control of Talent Acquisition Needs

Whether you’re overwhelmed with potential candidates or lack the pipeline of candidates you need to make your business grow, we can design a program that centres around your needs and enables you to achieve the success you deserve.

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