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How to Evaluate a Job Offer

You got a job offer – congratulations! When you are changing jobs, there are many other factors you should consider when evaluating a job offer, both monetary and otherwise.

Financial compensation will always play a big factor when it comes to evaluating to accept a job offer. Before digging deeper, it is important to set and understand salary expectations that are in line with current market trends. Your recruiter can provide you with an estimate of salaries that are realistic for a particular role. Click here to download Lannick’s free Salary Reports.

There are several other valuable factors to consider when evaluating a job offer. These can all have a profound impact on your overall job satisfaction:

  1. Location – Having a job that is conveniently located close to home allows for a shorter commute, resulting in a better work-life balance.
  2. Little or No Overtime Expectations – Overtime at a company is often a result of insufficient resources and poor planning on behalf of the company. This often leads to disgruntled employees who don’t believe the organization respects their time and commitments outside of work. Accepting a new opportunity with less overtime will leave you less stressed and provide you with more time for activities outside of the office.
  3. Company Perks – The richness of a compensation package is not completely isolated in the base salary of a position. Many companies will fully or partially subsidize membership fees, provide health care benefits, stock options, annual bonuses, pension plans, fund and encourage learning commitments outside of work, or help cover travel expenses. This can result in significant personal savings.
  4. Job Flexibility – Some candidates value flexible hours during the day or the ability to work from home or various office locations.
  5. Great Work Environment – The reality of having a career is that you spend the majority of your time during the week with your colleagues in a designated environment. Having a great work environment that is enjoyable, relaxed, and best-suited for your personality will help boost your overall mood and performance.
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