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  • So, You Need a Temp - Part 1: Know What You’re Hiring For

    The Shutdown Rule

    Conventionally stated the shutdown rule is: “in the short run a firm should continue to operate if price exceeds average variable costs.” The shutdown rule “R ≥ TC” is old hat to economists and process engineers. Simplistically — if it costs more money to stay open than you’re able to...

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  • It Takes Guts to Be a Recruiter, but it Takes Process Too

    It Takes Guts to Be a Recruiter, but it Takes Process Too

    This article provides a fairly high level overview of the DMAIC (Design, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) methodology that is so prevalent in process improvement across countless industries. I was first exposed to the DMAIC and Lean methodologies while working in HR at a large International Logi...

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  • Introducing Lannick Project Recruitment

    Introducing Lannick Project Recruitment

    Introducing Lannick Project Recruitment, a new service offering from Canada’s largest regional specialized recruitment and staffing firm. Today is an extremely proud day for me as we announce the launch of Lannick Project Recruitment (LPR), a division of Lannick, a Toronto-based professional re...

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