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  • How to Begin Your Job Search
    Blog, Hiring Market Update

    April Hiring Market Update

    Finance & Accounting New Jobs Manager, Finance ($130,000) Manager of Financial Systems ($130,000) Manager of Finance ($125,000) Fund Tax Manager ($120,000) Controller ($110,000) Senior Accountant ($100,000) Supervisor, Investment Fund ($100,000) Senior Financial Analyst ($95,000) Senior Financia...

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  • February Hiring Market Update
    Hiring Market Update

    February Hiring Market Update

    Finance & Accounting New Jobs Senior Manager, Enterprise Risk ($150,000) Senior Finance Manager ($135,000) Senior Analyst, Private Equity (Valuations) x 2 ($120,000) Finance Manager, Corporate Accounting & Reporting ($120,000) Manager of Internal Audit ($120,000) Assistant Controller ($120,0...

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  • So, You Need a Temp - Part 1: Know What You’re Hiring For

    The Shutdown Rule

    Conventionally stated the shutdown rule is: “in the short run a firm should continue to operate if price exceeds average variable costs.” The shutdown rule “R ≥ TC” is old hat to economists and process engineers. Simplistically — if it costs more money to stay open than you’re able to...

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