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Celebrating 2 Years of Recruitment Process Outsourcing with Lannick Project Recruitment

In 2016 there were several big birthdays in my life – my wife turned 30, my son turned 2, and my new division, Lannick Project Recruitment, was born on September 5th, 2016.

Lannick Project Recruitment, or LPR as we like to call it, was more than just a new job―it was a passion project for me, driven by a deep-seated belief that there was a better way for organizations to manage their Talent Acquisition process. I believed it could be more efficient, more cost-effective, and more transparent than the options that were available at the time. I also had a steadfast belief that recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) would be the future go-to solution of the recruitment industry. It was a belief I held long before I arrived at Lannick, and one I will continue to hold until my last recruitment breath.


Peter Jeewan, Lannick’s President of Canadian Operations, also shared this vision and gave me the opportunity to build out my idea at Lannick. In a little over two years, I’m proud to say that Lannick Project Recruitment has gone from a concept in my head to a fully established and contributing division of Lannick.


Since our inception, we’ve worked on more than 150 roles. We have a perfect record on completed RPO projects, and a best-in-class win record for our contingent and retained searches. This is a phenomenal accomplishment for the LPR team, however, the statistic I’m most proud of is our repeat client rate of 80%. Our success proves that it is possible to establish a strong dynamic between a client and a third-party recruitment function like Lannick Project Recruitment.


At LPR, we work as advisors and we share in our clients’ successes. We have clients who are startups that have doubled in size, clients who have completely re-imagined long-established recruitment processes, and clients who have sworn they would never work with an agency – let alone an RPO – who are now our biggest champions and source of referrals. And we have done all of this shoulder to shoulder with our clients, time and time again. Their success is our success because in the world of RPO, we only win together.


Next year my son will be five, my daughter will be two, and my wife will prefer I don’t mention her age. I hope I’ll be sitting down to write a blog post about how LPR has tripled in every conceivable metric for the third straight year and has continued to exceed our clients’ expectations. Mostly, I hope that we have even more stories about how LPR & RPO are continuing to change the recruitment dynamic one win at a time.

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