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Celebrating 10 Years of Pro Count Staffing

Lannick was founded 33 years ago with a sole mission of connecting Canada’s leading employers with the most qualified senior-level finance and accounting professionals in the Greater Toronto Area. As the Toronto job market grew over the subsequent decades, so did the demand for accounting and finance professionals at the junior-to-intermediate level to ensure management was supported by the very best and brightest talent available. Lannick proudly established its Pro Count Staffing division to address this need.

When Pro Count Staffing first opened its doors in 2007, we were a team of only three recruitment professionals. Over the next 12 months, Pro Count Staffing started to become the go-to agency for qualified support professionals in areas such as general accounting, financial analysis, accounts payables/receivables, credit and collections, administration, and much more. By the end of our first year of operation, we had made an impressive 128 placements. The economic crisis of 2008 had an impact on growth plans, including having to make difficult decisions on which companies to work with and which ones to walk away from. We overcame these challenges and maintained our position as a premium provider without ever compromising our focus on fit, quality and speed in hiring.

From 2011 to 2013, Pro Count Staffing evolved and we began to secure opportunities for our candidates across a wide variety of industries and company sizes, from owner-operated right through to Fortune 500. During this time, we won the hearts and minds of many new clients through consistent marketing, speed, professionalism, and accountability, earning our reputation for best-in-class service delivery. As our business increased, we expanded Pro Count Staffing’s offerings to include a wide array of Retail and Vendor Management System solutions to better meet our clients’ needs. By the time we celebrated our fifth anniversary, we had more than doubled our business.

Pro Count Staffing grew rapidly from 2014 onward, and strong leadership arose from our Associates to form our current management team. This highly specialized staffing division is now led by six Managers with over 30 years of combined experience in the Toronto accounting and finance staffing marketplace and 18 of the very best recruitment professionals in the industry. Pro Count Staffing is directly supported by Lannick’s best-in-class Payroll and Shared Services team, accounting and marketing teams, VP Permanent Search, VP Client Relations, CAO, and President & CEO.

Today, Pro Count Staffing is able to connect more people than ever with highly rewarding career opportunities, and we’re proud to help secure assignments for over 500 candidates annually. As we celebrate 10 years of success, we must thank those who have made it all possible. We are eternally grateful to our clients who’ve partnered with us to grow their teams and to the hundreds of professionals who’ve entrusted us with their careers and professional development. Without you, we wouldn’t be here.

Thank you for choosing Pro Count Staffing. We will continue to work hard to build raving fans. Here’s to the next 10 years of overwhelming success!

— The Pro Count Staffing Management Team

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