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Best Practices for Working with a Recruiter

Using your existing network to discover job opportunities is an integral step of any job search. Finding the right position is as much about who you know as it is about what you know. Volume is a great asset; when you increase your volume of contacts, you will get more responses. Recruiters, especially those working in specialized fields, have thousands of contacts and visibility to many unlisted positions at Canada’s top companies.

Interested in working with a Recruiter? Read our tips for success:

How do I find a Recruiter? Start by asking around. Talk to people you trust (friends, colleagues, etc.) about which recruitment firms they’ve had a positive experience with. Research the various firms and meet with them to find the one that is best for you.

What do I tell a Recruiter? Work carefully with a Recruiter to define what your ideal job would be like. To avoid wasting time, be honest and communicate your strengths, weaknesses, interests and qualifications. Be transparent throughout the process regarding:

  • Compensation expectations
  • Location and ability to commute
  • Types of roles and industries of interest
  • Management style and workplace culture

Can I work with other Recruiters? While your Lannick Recruiter is committed to helping you succeed in your job search, we recommend that you remain focused on building your professional network and identifying as many opportunities as possible to increase your chances of securing a new job. In fact, many of the candidates that we work with become loyal Hiring Managers in the future as a direct result of the level of service and transparency that they received throughout the recruitment process.

What is the benefit of using a Recruiter? Although applying directly to positions online can be successful (via Workopolis, Monster, etc.), it is also time-consuming and frustrating to be competing with hundreds of other applicants. The right opportunities will identify themselves much quicker when your resume is submitted by a Recruiter, as you will be competing with only a handful of other applicants.  This will greatly increase your chance of getting an interview.

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