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2019 Pro Count Staffing Year in Review

Written by: Tim Cozier, Managing Director, Client Services

The year and the decade are about to draw to a close for Pro Count Staffing.  I would like to pause to reflect on how meaningful it has been to work with our Candidates and Clients.

We know Talent Acquisition in the Accounting Operations & Office Administration space has changed.  Companies are more sophisticated in hiring.  Our Clients are better prepared for the staffing pitfalls that running a business leads to.

Despite this, our business has grown again.  We will end the year having placed over 700 Candidates with our Clients.  This is well beyond the 200 Candidates or so we placed this time a decade ago.  This also marks another consecutive record for our growing division.

We embrace that most of our clients come to us with their most urgent and troublesome vacancies.  Imagine if your friends only called you at their most stressed out moments!  At first you might struggle.  With time and preparation, you would learn to provide solutions and advice using a proven system.

Some examples from 2019:

The new graduate Accounting Clerk with great potential, but little experience.  We placed them for a 2 day assignment.  They were thrilled when they received that year long contract extension with a well-known company.  Our Client was thrilled to have a junior candidate with such a high ceiling.

What about our Client that called us at 4 pm on a Friday afternoon? Stressed and desperate, they needed an experienced Payroll Leader to start the following Monday.  With a solution in place by 6 pm, we were so happy they didn’t have to spend the weekend worrying about paying their staff.  

Or, how about the Accounts Receivable Specialist that worked a temporary assignment through us last year?  They got a great reference from our Client.  In fact, we used that same reference to secure a permanent AR Team Lead position for them earlier this year.

To help people, you must prepare.  At Pro Count Staffing, we love to help more than anything else.  So, we make sure we are better prepared to help than anyone else.  What we do is not always unique.  How we do it is transformational. 

If you would like to learn more, give me a call at 416 343 3393 , or send me an email at tcozier@procountstaffing.com.

Have a happy holiday season and a prosperous 2020.  

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